Website monitoring
Know loading time, interactivity and availability of your Website to keep your customers happy
Apdex constantly monitors your site and sends you notifications about performance or availability issues
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Powered by Lighthouse Follow industry best practices for performance analysis
Mobile / DesktopChoose device to represent your customers. It could be a 3G phone or a Wi-Fi laptop
AlertsSet Performance budgets and receive notifications on Email, Telegram, Slack or Webhook
PageSpeed InsightsApdex provides an option to use PageSpeed Insights API to run Lighthouse
10 locations worldwideRun check and audits closer to your customers to avoid latency and geo barriers
UptimeBoth performance and availability monitoring in one place
Beautiful reportingDetailed monitor reporting highlights timing distribution, errors, geographical latency and more
Custom headersSet HTTP headers manage your site's authentication or custom features
SSL expiration checksStay one step ahead of SSL certificate renewal issues with automatic expiration notifications

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